8 Top Tips for Pet Care While You Travel

May 26, 2017

8 Top Tips for Pet Care While You Travel

Pet parents around the world all understand how big a part of their lives that dogs, cats, birds, and many other delightfully domesticated creatures can be, and when it's necessary to be apart from them, it's fairly common for a bit of separation trauma to creep in. When you're on vacation, you generally can't take your pet with you, and that means you'll probably spend more than a few times thinking about how your best friend is doing back home. Here are some tips that will help you ensure that your pet is well cared for while you're away, so you don't have to feel so anxious or so guilty.

Find a Pet Lover for Pet-Sitting

If you can find someone who loves pets the same way you do, that might be the ideal person to leave your pets with. A nice setting is good, but if your pet-sitter is crazy about pets too, that might count for more than all the amenities available at some posh pet facility. That kind of attitude toward your companion animals will ensure that all their needs are taken care of, as well as plenty of fun time.

Talk to Your Pets

When you miss your pets while on the road, why not keep in touch with them? Give your pet-sitter a call and have your dog or cat listen to the sound of your voice on the phone - you might even get a good bark or meow in response. At any rate, it will allow you to connect across the miles.

Leave Clear Instructions

If you provide your pet sitter with clear, detailed instructions about the kind of care you want for your pet, you'll feel more confident that Fido is receiving the kind of attention you wanted. Make sure you don't overdo this because that could have the opposite effect if it's a little too much.

Bring Photos Along

Make sure you have some good photos of your pet to bring along on the trip and place them prominently in your hotel room or wherever you're staying. It won't be like their physical presence of course, but even a symbolic togetherness can ease the pain of separation to some extent.

Leave Yourself Behind

Just like you take a photo or some other reminder of your pet with you, a dog or cat will love having something of yours to curl up with while you're away. Leave an old shirt or some pants behind with your scent on it, and it will be a great way for your pet to stay with you.

Provide Lots of Toys

Especially if your pet is normally fairly playful, leave lots of toys available for him to play with. It will occupy time while you're away, and it will channel energy into activities which are beneficial.

Make Sure ID Tags are Current

It's a good idea to make sure your pet's ID tags are in place and up to date, in the unthinkable event that he/she breaks away from a caretaker and goes missing. Recovery is always much faster and easier when an animal can be identified.

Emergency Care

Be sure to leave a signed note with your pet sitter which permits them to take your pet to the veterinarian in the case of any emergency or sudden illness. Most of the time it will never be used, but it's best to be prepared just in case.

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